Our Expertise: Specialists in Turf Maintenance

Our know-how extends beyond the product with our in-depth expertise from engineering to agronomy, and an unrivalled understanding of the development and maintenance of playing surfaces.

Take a closer look at what really happens when grass meets the mower. What impact does blade sharpness have on grass health and operating costs? Discover the difference that climate, soil, season and cutting method can make to turf. Work out the commercial pros and cons of blade sharpening intervals, fuels and maintenance regimes.

Ask the questions and get the answers you need to create a world class playing surface, anywhere in the world. 

The wealth of knowledge you will find in the Bernhard team is unrivalled in the industry.  What’s more, we are committed to sharing it with all our customers and partners.

We do this through our own teaching seminars and workshops and by acting in an advisory capacity to training schools, clubs and courses world wide.  We also promote research in universities and colleges to deepen the industry’s understanding of grass cutting and its impact on turf resilience, growth rates and resistance to disease and drought. 

Our on-going programme of research and development draws from all corners of the industry, including direct feedback from customers and manufacturers and we continue to use this information for the development of new and improved products.

Embracing the whole industry with Bernhard experts all over the world it’s easy to see why our industry knowledge is unrivalled.


Steven NixonSteven Nixon
(International Sales Manager)
Almost three decades of international sales experience with a background in mechanical engineering and agronomy.


Gary RayGary Ray
(Business Development Manager -  North America)
An industry salesman with more than 15 years in the business.

Tom HurstTom Hurst
(Technical Specialist)
A lifetime in the industry and more than 30 years accumulated experience with grinders.

Glenn BurgessGlenn Burgess
(Sales Associate)
An industry salesman with more than 30 years in the business.

Chris LangleyChris Langley
(Territory Manager - South East USA)
A graduate of Lake City Community College with over a decade in turf equipment management and grinders.

Doug VeineDoug Veine
(Territory Manager - Midwest and North East USA)
Over 20 years in the industry with in-depth experience of turf equipment management and grinders.

UK & Europe

Paul WilcoxPaul Wilcox
(Territory Manager - Europe)
30 years of industry experience around the world with a background of greenkeeping.

Ulrich KayserUlrich Kayser
(Sales Director - Germany)
Over three decades of industry sales experience across Europe.

Scott PurdyScott Purdy
(Territory Manager - UK North)
A graduate of Reaseheath and Myerscough colleges with over 20 years experience in the sports turf industry.

Gary Woodward

Gary Woodward
(Territory Manager - UK South)
Horticulturist with landscaping experience spanning over thirty years.

Willie Nisbett

Willie Nisbet
(Sales Associate - Scotland)
Originally from an agronomy background, with over two decades of industry experience.


bco_sw.jpgSteve Wilson
(Business Development Manager - Asia)
A lifetime in golf (his family owns a course) and more than 15 years experience in the Japanese market.

bco_mt.jpgMirai Takahashi
(Business Development Manager - Japan)
A background in golf equipment maintenance and support at high profile tournaments in Japan.

bco_mhe.jpgMichael He
(Business Development Manager - China)
Manufacturer's specialist for Toro, based in the Shanghai area.