Bernabeu gets Bernhard

Posted on January 03, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Real Madrid C.F. uses the Bernhard grinding system to sharpen mowers both for the training centre (Ciudad Real Madrid) and the Bernabeu Stadium – home to some of the world’s top footballers.

The decision to buy the latest Bernhard spin and bedknife grinders came from five times Premier League Groundsman of the Year, Paul Burgess who explained, “I looked at budgets and the amount we were spending on contract grinding, and the time the equipment was off site, and it just didn’t make sense.”

“Contract grinding seems to be a common practice for many continental clubs, but it often means that units are away for days at a time, and we simply cannot afford to be that inflexible.”

“I like to be fully in control of my grinding and maintenance programmes”.

“Fresh ground mowers give the cleanest cut to microscopic tolerances, and this not only improves turf health and disease resistance, but it gives spectacular results.”

“The new Express Dual 5000 spin grinder and Anglemaster 4000 bedknife grinders tick all the boxes for us.  They are designed for all makes and sizes of mower. They are safe, much quieter than the old products, and most important, they are here, so we can be sure that we have perfectly sharpened cutting units every time.”

“Bernhard have such a great reputation for their customer care, and that is a big issue for me. Our location means that it can be a challenge to get the support we need, fast, so I need to feel completely confident that I always have professional, caring backup.”

Turf technology is a complex business and no one understands it better than Paul - who keeps the stadium looking  pristine, like a close pile carpet.

“The pitch at Santiago Bernabeu and the training pitches have to be in tip top condition right through the year, in varying temperatures and weather conditions. The rye grass we use has to tolerate an average summer temperature of 43 degrees, down to as low as minus 15 in the winter.”

The players here deserve and expect the best, and it’s up to the team of Groundsmen to make sure they have it.