Bernhard and Company’s Award for European Distributor of the Year 2013 goes to Spanish Distributor, Deltacinco.

Posted on October 01, 2013 at 11:00 AM

The Associate covering Spain for Bernhard and Company, Paul Wilcox, presented the Spanish Distributor, Deltacinco with the award for European Distributor of the Year 2013 at the Bernhard factory and training facility in Haverhill this week.

On receiving the award Luis Javier Director of Golf & Turf said, “Our philosophy has always been to sell machinery of the highest quality and we put great importance on giving our customers the very best service. This dovetails well with Bernhard and Company’s own philosophy – perhaps one of the strengths of family based businesses.

The award for European Distributor of the Year 2013 is a welcome and positive recognition for a lot of hard work and we are very pleased and flattered to receive it.”

The success of the company is, he says, based on strength of brand and service. “We have always maintained that we want to work with the best brands in the industry and for Deltacinco, Bernhard is one of those.

They convey the British tradition for quality in turf maintenance, bound by a history in the development of the cylinder mower. We very much like the design, quality and finish of their products so it makes it easy for us to sell their machinery.”

Deltacinco was founded 35 years ago, as an importer and supplier of agricultural machinery by Luis Delgado. In 1992 his sons, Juan Carlos and Luis Javier began selling equipment to the golf and turf industries, creating two sectors of the business, Agriculture and Golf and Turf.

Luis Javier said, “We have positive hopes and expectations for the future providing there is a prompt turnaround in the economy. Despite the difficulties of the last four or five years we have come through the economic crisis with some success.

We are optimists with regard to the golf industry. We have experienced a significant increase in sales of Bernhard grinders in a short time. We have also seen a slight improvement in the other brands we carry but none so quickly as the EXPRESS DUAL and ANGLEMASTER grinders. Although it was a new product line for us, it has been very successful for both Deltacinco and our customers”.

European Business Development Manager, Steven Nixon said, “Deltacinco are a pleasure to work with. They have a positive, professional attitude to the market and are very highly respected. It is a great pleasure to be able to recognise their strengths with this award.”