Bernhard continues GEO support

Posted on July 12, 2010 at 11:15 AM

Bernhard and Company is stepping up their partnership with the Golf Environment Organization, helping to advance golf’s potential as a social and environmental asset.

The Golf Environment Organization, GEO, is the only international organisation dedicated entirely to helping golf achieve its potential as an asset to people and planet. As a non-profit body, GEO is supported by a global network of golf, environmental, scientific and corporate partners—all of whom are themselves committed to playing a part in driving the sectors performance.

GEO’s commitment is to deliver the most up to date, practical and straightforward guidance and recognition in the golf industry, which has recognized the clear business benefits of sustainable development.

In reference to the partnership, Jonathan Smith, GEO’s Chief Executive, said: “GEO is very proud to partner with Bernhard and Company. We share both the vision of golf as an environmental asset and the role of helping golf courses around the world work toward that result. Bernhard and Company will be a valuable partner by generating greater awareness and education, by providing financial support, and of course by manufacturing products which can improve turf’s disease and drought resistance”.

Quality is vital in today’s amenity turf market because of the focus on the environment and demands on maintenance budgets. Bernhard and Company’s approach to sharpening will ensure golf courses can benefit from a cleaner cut, minimising the damage to turf and improving turf health, disease and drought resistance. Most importantly, the advantage is seen in the playing conditions enjoyed by golfers.

Peter Wood, Bernhard COO said; “We believe GEO’s practical programmes and technical resources are relevant and beneficial to our customers, helping them to integrate environmental best practices into their operations and in doing so, improve their profit and profile.”