Bright and breezy at the Scottish Open hosted by Royal Aberdeen Golf Course

Posted on July 10, 2014 at 10:45 AM

The Scottish Open hosted by Royal Aberdeen Golf Course has enjoyed some pretty good weather and play so far, according to Course Manager Robert Patterson, “It is exactly what we want. Bright and breezy and dry, and the course is looking really good. “

Ben Taylor and Willie Nisbet from the Bernhard team have been helping with the preparation of the equipment both before and during the tournament.

Robert said, “We’ve had our own grinders here for ten years, but Ben was with us last week with an extra set and gave Alex, our Mechanic, support setting up and servicing which was a really great help.  Now Willie is here for the week and we are really delighted to get that level of support from Bernhard. We had it from them at the Walker Cup and it really does give us that peace of mind and security to know that we have their backup.

We knew 18 months ago that we had the Scottish Open so we have had plenty of time to prepare ourselves. We manage the golf course in such a way that we always offer a high level of presentation to our members, so we don’t have to do much different.  A bit of polishing, you could say, but we know what we are about here.

There is some pressure and the weather plays a big part. If it goes with you then you can achieve a lot.  The expectations in the world of golf are so high these days there’s not much margin for error.

Comments from the players, many who have never played here before, have so far been very favourable.”