Mark Schifsky – Association Maintenance LLC. Minnesota
Mark Schifsky – Association Maintenance LLC. Minnesota

Customer Profile: Mark Schifsky, Association Maintenance LLC. Minnesota.

Posted on May 31, 2013 at 1:45 PM

Association Maintenance LLC was started back in 1976, and Mark Schifsky bought it in 1990.

They offer outdoor maintenance, mowing, spraying, snow clearing for commercial businesses, town homes and association maintenance.

“Our extreme climate here in Minnesota means we do around 5 months of the year of snow removal, shovelling and salting. It snows pretty much every day here – generally from November to mid April.

The rest of the year the team do a lot of grass cutting, mostly with walk-behind machines ranging 36”, 48” and 52” blades and a few ride-on mowers, and we do a lot of sharpening – in fact one and a half hours of it a day.

We had a hand held grinder for a while but it tears your hands apart, so then we got ourselves a Rotamaster (back in 1997) and it’s been absolutely invaluable. The saving on blades has been great. In the past I used to use 3 sets of blades a season per unit, now I use 1½. The blade life is longer too and the product cuts better because we run a more even-blade angle. 

We like to do a good job, and our customers are, quite rightly, demanding. We cut a lot of grass, a lot of it is heavy thick blue grass and it needs to be very plush and close knit, like a carpet , which is why we keep the blades so sharp. We need to keep things on an even keel.”