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Posted on August 25, 2006 at 4:30 PM

During the Golf Industry Show in Atlanta, Bernhard and Company challenged Eric Kulaas, Equipment Manager at the Renaissance Vinoy Golf Club to try the newest models of Rapid Facer and Rapid Relief.

Eric is probably known best for his development of, a website dedicated to turf equipment managers. Eric had not used the Rapid Facer or Rapid Relief in many years, and with all of the upgrades made to both products we knew he was going to love them…. And guess what, he does!

Here are a few of the comments Eric had on the Rapid Facer:

“We’re using the Rapid Facer on green, tee and fairway mowers. Previously, I had switched to micro bedknives on the greens mowers because we could hand file them easier due to their thin face. They're just a few dollars more than the tournaments, but we usually only get 2 grinds on them. One when we install it, then one more. We have TiffEagle, which requires a lot of topdressing and verticutting. In summer, the life of a bedknife is measured in days, rather than weeks.

What I'm trying now is going back to tournament knives since they're just as easy to face with the Rapid Facer as the micro's and we're getting a grind or two more out of them. I wasn't so worried about the cost of the knives but the savings in time to change them. As it turns out we may have cut our bedknife bill in half.”

How did the Rapid Relief hold up?

“Everyone has their own circumstances to take into account but if you're looking for a way to put relief on a few reels during the year or keep up with the relief on what you have, this warrants a close look and a demonstration.”