Steve Loska
Steve Loska

Greensboro Country Club switches to Bernhard

Posted on June 13, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Steve Loska is a long time Bernhard user from his days in Florida. Equipment Manager for the past 13 years at Greensboro Country Club in Greensboro, North Carolina he recently took delivery of a new Express Dual 2000 and Anglemaster 3000MC.

Steve’s first experience with Bernhard goes back a long way. “I first met Stephen Bernhard in 1987. We were one of the first Golf Clubs to start using Bernhard grinders and I remember the quality of manufacture, ease of use and grinding results were excellent then too. I love these machines.  Stephen taught me to do everything by ear and feel and I’ve always lived by that. I set up the grinder by moving the stone to the left and right sides of the cylinder manually while the cylinder is running and adjust the in-feed accordingly to get the right sound. A final quick pass by hand with the grinding wheel turned on it's all set to go with the auto traverse. It's so easy using this method and accurate enough so the cylinders stay true all season to within 0.005 of an inch, which is well within the reel manufacturer's tolerances. You can tell by the sound the stone makes if you're set up correctly. The bed-knife grinder is just as simple to use as the reel grinder and both produce outstanding results.”

The Club

Greensboro Country Club has two x 18 hole golf courses, both very different in style and design with different grass varieties and playing conditions.

“It is a beautiful place.” Steve said. “Maples, the farm course was built on an old dairy farm. It was completely renovated 5 years ago including changes to the topography as well as a new irrigation system, drainage and extensive landscaping utilizing a lot of varieties of natural grasses in the outlying areas. The course also has a state of the art indoor tennis facility, swimming pool as well as the Clubhouse.

The maintenance facility is actually the original cow barn which although still maintains it's exterior original appearance and original timbers, has had the interior converted to use for the workshop area, office and equipment storage.

Our other course commonly known as Irving Park or Downtown is actually roughly seven miles away from the Maples (Farm) course and was built and designed by Donald Ross in 1903. Over the years, the clubhouse has been extensively renovated and recently an outdoor pavilion was completed to further enhance our membership's experience. Recently, a new state of the art fitness facility was completed and this location also has a swimming pool and outdoor tennis facility.

Greensboro Country Club is a well-known meeting place and the premier venue in the area for weddings, social functions and fine dining. The club is also very family friendly with swimming, tennis, fitness and golf programs for the youngsters. Steve Matlaga, our new C.E.O. has taken a hands-on approach with club operations and management and is committed to providing the best “First in Class” experience for our members and guests.”

The Climate

The location in central North Carolina is a place of occasional extreme weather variances, known as a transition zone. It’s usually either one thing or another. They can have cold and a bit of snow one week and a week or two later it will be in the 80’s. The major growing season is July, August and September, but the growing season runs for 7 months from May to November. 

How we work

“We’ve had Bernhard grinders at the Maples course since before I was employed and repurchased another set six years ago. For the last fourteen years I've been stuck with Neary grinders at the Downtown course that were thankfully replaced this year with Bernhard grinders.

The rest of the support staff consist of the Golf Course Director, two Superintendents, four assistant Superintendents and a full-time crew of twenty three that is supplemented by an additional ten to twelve temporary workers during the main growing season.

We have over 100 cutting units with about 3 million dollars worth related support machinery, with myself, one other full-time and one part-time technician for maintenance and repairs.

Grinding is done on an ‘as needed’ basis and with the Bernhard sharpening system it is not as often, as the edges seem to last longer. Everything is spun ground except for two older rough units that are relief ground about once every 3 years and then spun in between.

“Speed is important, and the ease of use and accuracy of these grinders delivers outstanding results”