Healthy Turf

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 4:10 PM

1000 acres of turf... our machines have to be sharp every time

Paynes Turf is a well established family run business that have been growing cultivated turf since 1987. They now sell over 1.6 million square meters of cut turf every year.

Payne's are constantly investing in new machinery and turfing products.

The latest investment this year, is a pair of Bernhard grinders. John Payne told us,

“With over 50 cutting machines, we need to keep on top of the grinding. It’s early days for us but the benefits are clearly there. Better quality cut and finish, fuel saving, and less disease, so a saving on fungicides.”

“It will take us a month or two to get a new routine of regular grinding going, but once we are up and running, we know the benefits and savings are there.”