Historic Royal St. George’s Golf Club switches to Bernhard Grinders

Posted on April 14, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Bernhard and Company – Rugby based manufacturer of Bernhard Grinders, the world’s finest blade sharpening systems for turf cutting machines – announces historic Royal St. George’s Golf Club in Sandwich, Kent has switched to using its grinders.

Site of 14 Open Championships since 1892, Royal St. George’s was the first course outside Scotland to stage golf’s oldest major championship. It is now the latest in a growing number of Open venues to partner with Bernhard Grinders.

“We’re delighted with the speed and intuitive design of the Bernhard system, not to mention the dramatically improved quality of cut,” says Adam White, Mechanic, Royal St. George’s. “We feel confident that our mowing fleet is in the safe hands of Bernhard Grinders and the greenkeeping team are thrilled with how much easier it is to optimize machine performance.”

Steve Nixon, International Sales Manager for Bernhard added, “We’re excited to see Royal St. George’s has quickly become a Bernhard convert and is realising the benefits that come with using our equipment. It’s always very rewarding for us to receive such glowing testimonials from our customers.“

The club purchased the Express Dual 4000DX and Anglemaster 4000 models and as the premier version of the industry-leading Express Dual, the Express Dual 4000DX is renowned for its ease of use, lightning-speed, reliability and safety-first features. The need for lapping is eliminated, thereby reducing maintenance costs while enhancing turf health.

Matching the speed, ease and accuracy of its Express Dual counterpart, the Anglemaster 4000 grinds bedknives to within one thousandth of an inch. It comes as standard with the new, ultra-durable SuperBlue grindstone. Mounting of bedknives is simple and the unique central-grind position ensures the reel and bedknife work in perfect harmony.

Well known by the professional golf tours worldwide as the premier blade sharpening machines, Bernhard Grinders ensure maintenance equipment at the “World Top 100” mainstays, as well as daily-fee, private, resort and municipal courses world-wide, is always in ideal cutting condition. They are favoured by course greenkeepers, owners and operators for their precise cut, ease of use, reliability, safety-first design, value proposition and more.