Liberty National chooses a Sharper Solution

Posted on March 10, 2006 at 11:30 AM

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses… and make sure they bring their golf clubs.”

Liberty National is one of the best feel good stories of the decade.

Take a toxic waste dump, overlooking one of the loveliest sky lines in the world, in one of the most vibrant cities, and turn it into a stunning golf course.

The $129 million project began in 1996 with the acquisition of 160 acres of badly contaminated land. A massive clean up of environmental contaminants – and the slow rebuild began under the watchful eye of golf course superintendent, Greg James.

“The key to a successful grow-in process is applying a quality cut early. We built a special barn out on the course to house our Express Dual and Anglemaster grinders during this crucial time, and bought in our mechanic, Al Szumski, much earlier than anticipated so that we could grind whenever we needed to.

With a surgically sharp cut, the young turf plant is able to direct most of it resources to establishing a high quality root system, which is what we want. Dull mowers tear or shred grass blades, and during the grow-in process this would be catastrophic to the developing turf, exposing the young vulnerable plants to much greater risk of disease. Of course, this in turn tends to increase demands for water, nutrients and fungicides – all unnecessary costs.”

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