New machines delivered in time for Tournament Support at the John Deere Classic

Posted on October 22, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Paul Grogan, Superintendent at TPC Deere Run started his career 30 years ago following a Bsc. Agronomy degree at Purdue University in his home state of Indiana.

After 15 years working in a private club in Southern Indiana, a couple of years selling Toro golf and irrigation equipment and 5 years at TPC Twin Cities, Paul joined TPC Deere Run in 2006. He has been with the PGA Tour for 14 seasons.

“Deere Run is very interesting – built on natural rolling countryside beside the Rock River. We are a mile from John Deere Headquarters, so we do a lot of tours and entertaining of people from all over the world – so it is busy and we like it like that.

We get all kinds of weather conditions here, Winters with snow, Springs are usually in the mid-70’s °F and in the Summer months, because we’re in the river valley, we see temperatures between 90 – 100 °F with high humidity. We still get some hard Winters too and a couple of years back we had 48 inch of snow which is unusual, but it normally hangs around the mid 20’s °F in the Winter.

These Mid West flats are corn-belt country. The southern part is hillier and a little warmer, but mostly vast fields of corn. There is still a lot of family owned farms in the region, but I’d say the majority of the farming around here is operated by big businesses - the price of corn and land is high right now.

Water is not an issue for us. We are on the Rock River so we draw quite a bit from that and we have peat wells so it has never been a problem.”

Paul took delivery of two new machines, the Express Dual 4000DX and Angelmaster 4000 at the end of May, upgrading a pair of ten year old Bernhard machines.

“We have been working with Bernhard for as long as I can remember and I don’t see us ever changing. We’re again very pleased with the quality of the new grinders that obviously still continues.

Two months after delivery Doug Veine came along to help us out with Tournament Support for the John Deere Classic. We have had Bernhard’s Tournament Support before and again this year, it has made an amazing difference. It’s tough to sharpen so many reels in such a short time under pressure, but Doug and my team managed around 50 reels in two days – either touched-up or fully reground to ensure every reel was in perfect condition.

The Tournament was real good, no problems at all. The weather co-operated, although it did get warm the last couple of days, but overall a real success.”