At the recent Asia Summit Stephen Bernhard looked at the fundamentals of making golf clubs profitable.

Posted on December 08, 2014 at 5:20 PM

What do golfers want? How does the industry satisfy this and ensure golf clubs remain profitable and the game of golf keeps growing?

Stephen considered the question of what golfers want. Easy question but not so simple to answer because, as he says, the 49 Asian countries requirements vary - so what works in one may not translate to another.  

A country club with a golf course will have a very different remit to a straight golf club. There may be other sports on offer. The club may be a holiday resort.

The common findings suggest that at the end of the day golfers are primarily looking for excellent playing conditions. That is why they join golf clubs. Their expectations are for top quality playing surfaces, consistent ball roll, good ball speed.  

Here is Stephen’s presentation.