DeVere Dunston Hall

How does applying a sharp cut affect your turf?

Transpiration rates are reduced due to sharp even cut as opposed to applying a dull cut, which will tear and damage grass blade tips.

Grass blade tips appear greener and richer because there is less cellular damage.

Lower transpiration rates means less nutrients required.

Less tip damage lowers growth rate.

Lower growth rate means more nutrients are retained in the roots, thus creating more root extensions.

Take Control of Your Maintenance Schedule!

Posted on August 02, 2006 at 11:07 AM

Have you ever put off top dressing, verticutting, aeration, or any other maintenance practice because you didn’t want your quality of cut to go off and your mowers weren’t due to be sharpened?

It’s time to plan your maintenance schedule around your needs, not when your mowers are due to be sharpened. Top dressing, verticutting, aeration and de-thatching are essential tasks to help ensure that your turf and root systems are healthy. Unfortunately, those practices can wreak havoc with expensive mowing equipment, turning sharp blades into dull cutting instruments that can harm your turf more than the cultural practices can do good.Don’t put off necessary cultural practices because you don’t want to ruin your quality of cut! Purchasing efficient and effective grinding equipment can allow you to take control of your maintenance schedule, keeping your mowers surgically sharp anytime and every time. Golf courses cannot afford to be without their cutting equipment during the growing season. To keep mowers sharp during the season purchasing a grinding system like Bernhard and Company’s Express Dual and Anglemaster can save you time and money, and produce superb turf conditions.

Man with a Plan

"I can plan my job so much better now that I have grinders. Previously, if I needed to top dress, I would delay because I knew my mowers would go dull afterwards. I would actually wait to top dress when I knew my mowers were scheduled to be sharpened. Now, I top dress when I want to because I can sharpen the mowers afterwards on my timetable", states Kevin McColm, Golf Course Manager at DeVere Dunston Hall, who recently purchased Bernhard and Company’s Express Dual 3000 cylinder grinder, the Anglemaster 3000 bottom blade grinder and the new Rotamaster 4000 rotary blade grinder.

"When you don’t have grinders, you don’t know what they can do for you. Just in planning alone – they have made things that much better."

Sharpening with Express Dual and Anglemaster after top dressing can get your quality of cut back in no time at all, keeping your course in excellent condition and enhancing its reputation. According to Kevin, "Grinders have made a whole lot of difference in the way we approach cutting. We now grind regularly (every six weeks) and we can see the difference between a good cut and a bad one. You can tell right away when the cut is going off. Quality in surface presentation and ball roll is excellent when mowers are sharp."

The Tips Don’t Lie

Why do grinders make such a big impact on quality of cut and surface presentation? It all comes down to the way the grass blade tips are cut. Bernhard and Company has pioneered the link between precision spin grinding, surgical cutting and its impact on turf health and quality. Mown this way, the plant suffers less damage and stress. It retains more nutrients for root growth, is more resistant to disease and is less prone to dry out. This promotes a healthier plant and a more consistent playing surface, greatly reducing maintenance costs.


Many courses have realised that they can own an Express Dual and Anglemaster sharpening system without any increase in their maintenance budget. "The money you save with grinders in incredible. Sending mowers out costs a lot – not just in money, but in time lost as well. If you send your mowers out three to four times a year, you would pay for the grinders within five years in cost savings", states Kevin. Of course, once they own their own grinders, they can sharpen as often as they want, whenever they want, at no extra cost. With the impressive speed and efficiency of Express Dual and Anglemaster you can get your mowers out of the workshop and out on the course more quickly. With all these benefits of ownership, investing in a set of grinders makes good sense. Express Dual and Anglemaster grinders are backed by a ten-year, limited warranty, so golf courses buy with complete confidence knowing they have made a solid investment. Kevin sums it up best by saying, "If I had to rate grinders on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most important, I would rate Express Dual and Anglemaster at nine. They give me so much flexibility in my schedule."

Now that is control!