The Oldest Working Express Dual Competition

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Winners were announced in the press and media centre at the GIS in Las Vegas.

The lucky winners are:

1st Prize winner Alex Hunter from Classic Mowers in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland - Who wins a new Express Dual 3000 MC worth over 30,000 dollars.

2nd Prize of a New Anglemaster 1000 goes to Tom Mercel, Superintendent of West Bend Lakes in WI.

3rd Prize, Two tickets to the 2012 Open, including flights and accommodation - won by Ernie Dorris, Equipment Manager at Algonquin Golf Club in Glendale, MO.

4th Prize of a visit to Bernhard factory in Haverhill, including flights and accommodation - won by Stig Helm-Petersen of Silkeborn Golf Club, Denmark.

It is amazing that so many of the early Express Dual machines are in daily use. 490 entries were received from all over the world, and it is a tribute to the engineering and maintenance of these machines, to find that they are still up and running on a daily basis, in this fast moving world of technology.

The winner, Alex Hunter said, “In the 20 years I have been using the old Express Dual, I have only had to replace a couple of bearings and belts, and a grinding stone – which is amazing, given that I use it every single day.”

We are hoping to deliver Alex’s new Express Dual in late Spring.

His reaction to the win, “Wow. BIG WOW.”

The Express Dual was first designed in 1966, and was the first spin grinder able to sharpen with out dismantling the whole mower – which was a huge breakthrough in time saving efficiency.

The first machines came into operation in 1967 with 29 sold in the first year.

Did you know that Bernhard’s machines are now used by 75 of the US top 100 golf courses, and 65 of the world ranked courses - proving their worth.