Tournament support makes the difference in Japan

Posted on December 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM

"How do I keep the greens in perfect order during the turf's prolific growing season. We need to frequently mow, but how do we keep the green speed consistent?"

This was the major worry for Yoshinori Oki, General Manager of the Course Maintenance Consultancy Division for Karasuyamajo Country Club, host to the 80th Japan Pro Golf Championship Nissin Cup Noodle Cup.

The greens are now mowed three – four times a day and the practice green up to six times a day during competition times. In April alone the practice green was mowed 120 times, and this was only possible due to on site grinding. The playability of the greens has changed enormously due to the quality of cut that the Bernhard system achieves. Adjustment to the thickness of the bedknife allowed the height of cut to be as low as 2.2mm and running the reels without contact has directly reduced maintenance requirements on the machines, reducing the regularity of replacing parts.

The high performance from the Bernhard Tournament Support Team ensured that the JPG Championship Cup could offer its players the best playing conditions. Bernhard grinders are regarded by many championship organisations, not just the JPGA Championship, as an essential piece of machinery in maintaining the highest quality of greens.

The CEO of KGM Company Ltd, Hiroshi Arai commented, "I would like to thank Mirai Takahashi of Bernhard and Co, who led the tournament support so successfully this May. Thank you!"

The green conditions were so highly praised at the tournament, that the owner of the course was convinced that he had no other option than to buy his own set of grinders for the course.