East Coast Sod

East Coast Sod is a 1,500 acre sod farm in southern New Jersey. Andrew said, “We produce roughly 150 acres of current bentgrass varieties for golf clubs from Georgia to Boston and to the Mississippi River.

Our reputation is put on the line every day and the quality of our grass has to be nothing less than perfect.  

In order to achieve this, we maintain our mower fleet with an Express Dual 1000 spin grinder and an AngelMaster 2000. The ease and convenience of mounting and grinding our reels eliminates tremendous down time. Mowing 30 acres of greens material in two directions on a frequent basis can become a challenge to maintain the quality of cut. This does not include the arduous task of maintaining 120 acres of tee and fairway material as well.

We achieve and aspire to produce quality turfgrass for our esteemed customers and would like to contribute our success to the use of the Express Dual 1000 and AngleMaster 2000.”