TURF GROWERS - Payne's Turf

F E Payne & Son, Trading as Payne’s Turf, the business, based in Essex and Suffolk, UK. They grow around 1000 acres of quality turf, and sell around 1.6 million square meter of cut turf per year. (1 acre = 4000 sq mtrs).

“We are constantly investing in new machinery and turfing products to maintain our reputation as one of the finest quality turf producers in the UK.” John Payne told us.

“With over 50 cutting units to take care of we needed to buy our own grinding machines. The latest investment this year has been the purchase of a pair of Bernhard grinders. It’s early days for us but the benefits are obvious. Better quality cut and finish, less disease, less water, so a saving on fungicides and time and money. It will take us a month or two to get a new routine of regular grinding going, but once we are up and running, we know the benefits and savings are there.

We have cutting machines that are 25’, 33’ and 45’ wide – and all of these cylinder mowers have to be consistent in their sharpness.

We are a demanding customer with a difficult range of equipment to maintain.”