The Wilmslow,
Cheshire, United Kingdom

“Using Express Dual and Anglemaster machines, we found that the grass blade tips have less damage. We don’t have to input substantial amounts of fertiliser, herbicide or fungicides.

It has allowed us to be low input in the strictest sense”said Steve Oultram of The Wilmslow Golf Course.

A participant in the R & A sustainability programme, Steve has found that grinders make it much easier to attain sustainability, especially when trying to establish a healthy bent and fescue sward.

“We had to raise the height of the cut, but still maintain a good quality of cut. Without grinders that would have been very hard to do.

Another benefit that the golf course has seen since implementing the R&A sustainability programme is the steady health of the turfgrass. By applying a good quality of cut and maintaining the chemical balance of the soil, turfgrass does not suffer massive highs and lows, but remains quite steady in its health and appearance.”

Grinders complement sustainability by producing surgically sharp cutting units to reduce potential tearing and bruising of the grass leaf, which can result in discoloration, stress and disease.