Meet Renata Mundim


I have always loved nature. Growing up in a rural area in Brazil, plants have become a big part of my life.

I became a qualified Biologist at the age of 21 and then moved to the US where I could work and continue my studies. I then had the opportunity to take a course in Golf Course Management, learning more about turf was a big game changer in my professional career.

For the past ten years I have then been involved in the Turf Industry. I have taken several educational courses in this area, worked with field research and finished a Master’s Degree in Horticulture and Crop Science at The Ohio State University.

As a Business Development Assistant at Bernhard, I am now able to mix my knowledge in plants with my passion for marketing through this blog.

Nizhny Novgorad Arena – стадион Нижний Новгород – 2018 World Cup Russia

Posted on June 24, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Nizhny Novgorod has been chosen as one of the World Cup’s venues for being considered one of Russia’s most traditional and beautiful cities. The brand-new stadium was built in a specific area where the famous Volga and Oka rivers join. 

1024px_Nizhny-Novgorod_Blog2.jpgInspired by elements from the Volga countryside, the stadium uses the colours white, dark blue and light blue on both exterior and interior architecture. During the World Cup, 45,000 football fans will be able to watch six games at Nizhny Novgorad Stadium, Sweden vs South Korea, Argentina vs Croatia, England vs Panama and Switzerland vs Costa Rica.

1024px_Nizhny-Novgorod_Blog3.jpgLike a few other World Cup arenas, the finishing touches are being applied to Nizhny Novgorod Stadium ahead of the World Cup. In a recent visit, the Bernhard team had the opportunity to check out the most important part of the stadium and to have a conversation with the general construction manager and director of pitch maintenance Roman Zhukov. According to him, Bernhard grinders and Sub-Air have been essential in helping him maintain his pitch healthy and in perfect conditions to be in the eyes of the world on this coming month.


Supporting worldwide tournaments has always been a compromise of Bernhard and Company. We are proud to be part of the Russia World Cup 2018!