Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance Equipment

Grinders should be an integral part of your in-season programme, the same as sprayers, aerators, top dressers and the mowing fleet.

By running the Bernhard TTH system, including ‘non-contact cutting’ method, your maintenance equipment will reap the benefits.

Because there is no contact between reel and bottom blade, hydraulic pressure is significantly lower in mowers.  This removes any associated problems and reduces the costs of engine, transmission and general maintenance, as well as reducing the frequency of replacement reel and bottom blades.  

Stop Lapping

The consequences of running with contact:

  • A lapped reel and bedknife rubbing together creates drag
  • High pressure builds on the bearings resulting in vibration and resonance
  • Bearings rapidly fail
  • Running with contact with a lapped reel dulls the blades
  • Running with contact gives a scissor cut
  • The grass suffers from a scissor cut with dull blades

Non Contact Programme:

  • Sharpen regularly
  • Maintain no contact
  • Use Rapid Facer every week
  • Maintain correct bedknife angles

Re-invest your time

Express Dual, Dual Master and Anglemaster are fast and easy to use. They work for you, taking the chore out of sharpening and leaving you with more time to concentrate on mower set up for perfect results, or to allocate to important jobs like preventative maintenance checks on your equipment and machinery.

Lapping is a messy, time consuming process.
Dirty and neglected.
Clean and tidy maintenance facility
Pristine fleet