Total Turf Health System

Turf Health

One of the reasons Bernhard have been so successful in the grinding business is because we have been at the forefront of "non-contact cutting". This is effectively the difference between trimming each blade of grass with a scalpel as opposed to tearing the top off by hand.

The Express Dual and Anglemaster system produces a surgically sharp cut, reducing damage to turf.

Dull or poorly sharpened mowers tear and shred grass blades rather than cut them. This ragging leaves the tips vulnerable to disease from spores such as Fusarium. The damage from ragging increases the loss of sap and  increases the demand for water and nutrients. Mowers should be checked and adjusted daily and sharpened regularly to prevent unnecessary injury and to optimise turfgrass health.

Turf Appearance

Golf courses need to look good all the time. Players expect consistent finish. The Express Dual and Anglemaster system helps you maintain this where it really counts – in the health and appearance of your turfgrass.

“Mower sharpening and adjustment with the Bernhard system was the single factor that we could directly attribute to improved playing conditions when we were beginning our green speed research.”

Mike Morris, CGCS Crystal Downs Country Club.

Why Use the Bernhard Total Turf Health (TTH) system

The speed, ease of use and accuracy of Bernhard grinders means everyone can deliver repeatable results, quickly and efficiently.

Used as part of the Total Turf Health system, Express Dual, Dual Master and Anglemaster enable you to have consistent and predictable performance from your mowers all of the time – and that will give you healthier turfgrass, consistent playing surfaces and beautiful greens, tees and fairways.