Mobile Lighting Solutions

90px_MLR-logo.pngMLR and Bernhard join forces

MLR (Mobile Lighting Rigs), a Norwegian-based company, formed in 1998, has recently undergone a major business revamp with its key goal to ensure that sports surfaces, of all disciplines, have excellent playing conditions all year round.

A trip to Stavanger, Norway, the birthplace of lighting rigs and home of MLR founder Kolbjorn Saether.

Why this partnership?

As a specialist in sports turf technology, we at Bernhard and Company are committed to providing leading turf care solutions to golf course and pitch care specialists worldwide. Our product portfolio is already focused on providing our global customer base with the highest quality turf and world class playability.

This collaboration launched in January 2018 is now uniquely placed to combine Bernhard Company’s highest standard of international customer expertise, with quality mobile lighting solutions geared to tackle shade issues on a wide range of sporting surfaces.

What does Bernhard bring to the partnership?

  • We understand our customers' needs and challenges when it comes to turf health.
  • Our agronomic and technical experts will support our customers in assessing the issues you are facing, find and provide the best solutions and support you in implementing the right deployment programme.
  • Our team has been working with turf facilities across golf and stadium for many years, you can be confident that we will understand your approach.