Dual Master 3000 iR

Integrated spin and relief

Incorporating auto-indexing relief with the legendary Express Dual spin grinder technology, Bernhard introduces to the market a grinder that ticks all the boxes. Building on the technical foundations of the renowned Express Dual and Anglemaster system, the Dual Master 3000iR is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to return your cutting units to manufacturer’s specifcations.

A unique mounting system makes it possible to spin and relief grind “in frame” with rapid changeover so operators don’t waste time switching from relief to spin grinding. Mowers ground in-situ, no need to remove bedknives or rollers.

  • Auto-index relief
  • Hoist ftted as standard
  • Manual clamp system
  • Rapid stone change
  • Automatic traverse
  • Independent end feed alignment
  • Single point infeed advance
  • Rigid, robust chassis
  • Comprehensive guarding
  • Options: Express Lift table



  • Fully enclosed, precision machine for automated spin grinding of reels in-frame up to 36" long.
  • Weight: 1164lbs (529kg)
  • Size: 71" W x 55" D x 71" H (1786 x 1389 x 1800 mm).
  • Guard requires 19" (480mm) extra height when open.
  • Optional Express Lift Table requires an extra 24” (610mm) front to back depth when open.