Express Dual 5500

The Express Dual 5500 is a fully connected reel sharpening system

Now comes with a unique laser reel measurement system allowing for correction and high precision reel conditioning.

New control, ultimate accuracy

  • NEW 10” touch-screen with an intuitive and responsive interface
  • RFID technology allows recall of previous setups and different users
  • Wireless handset for operator flexibility
  • Direct cylinder drive with super-fast setup
  • Laser technology ensures higher accuracy
  • Selectable automated grind cycles plus configurable routines


Ease of use

  • Mowers ground in-situ, without the need to remove bedknives or rollers
  • Express Lift Table as standard for rapid loading and unloading of mowers
  • New reel drive adaptors ensure all your mowers are supported
  • Robust soft-closing storage drawers


Ergonomics and safety

  • Totally enclosed cabinet with scratch resistant safety guards
  • Acoustic noise suppression with environmental control
  • New LED lighting for improved visibility
  • Vacuum for safe dust extraction

PDF.jpgExpress Dual 5500 brochure