Supplying SubAir and Turf Breeze to leading sports turf facilities
throughout Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Get straight to the root of the problem with SubAir

“75% of all Turf Grass problems occur beneath the surface, 75% of all remedies are applied to the surface. Get straight to the root of the problem with SubAir.”

SubAir offers a simple cost effective way of ensuring that your pitch receives the correct balance of nutrients and moisture, building healthy roots and best in class playing surfaces.


How it Works:

Reduces water 36x faster than natural gravity drainage

  • Manage water usage
  • Stabilise water delivery to the root system
  • Control salinity
  • Immediate reduction of water from excessive rainfall
  • Provides fresh air to plant roots
  • Prevents anaerobic conditions and black layer
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Removes Harmful Gases from the Root Zone
  • Eliminates Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Air is forced up through the profile and either warmed or cooled by the subsurface soil, depending on the ambient temperature and geo-thermal properties of the soil.

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Promoting healthier turf through improved air circulation

The Turf Breeze range of fans has been engineered and performance tested to ensure optimum airflow efficiency, increased performance, quiet operation and low operating costs.


How it Works:

  • Improves air circulation – healthier turf
  • Control surface moisture – dew removal reduces foliar disease
  • Dry cut the turf to minimise disease spread
  • Reduce fungicide applications
  • Alleviates heat stress – healthier turf
  • Lowers surface temperature by up to 12°C
  • Can lower soil temperature by 3°C to 5°C
  • VFD control package offers continuous overload protection
  • Portable electric or petrol fan allows you to easily move fans whenever and wherever they are needed
  • Virtually maintenance free

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