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Can you grind with the bed knife in place?

There are two answers:

Spin grind: Yes.

Relief grind: in many cases it is possible, but usually you will be grinding the bedknife (or replacing it), so you will be removing the bedbar anyway. Set up is faster and simpler with the bedbar removed, so relief and spin grind on the Dual Master before replacing the bedknife.

Is there a measurement for how much tension should be on the slip clutch when grinding relief?

Set it in the middle of the adjustment range and it should be correct for almost all situations. If it fails to keep the reel blade on the rest, check the bearings on your unit. If there is excessive noise from the friction between reel blade and rest, try reducing the tension a little.

How do I clean the indexing mechanism?

Slacken one bolt using the supplied hex wrench, and unplug the electrical connection. The whole head can be removed in 20 seconds. This then makes cleaning very easy.

When should I use the additional rear roller support bracket?

This bracket is primarily designed for use where a cutting unit has a rear roller brush or scraper fitted allowing the unit to be mounted so that the brush or scraper will not sit on the machine table. It can however also be used with smaller cutting units to provide improved access of grindstone to reel and to reduce the requirement for larger adjustments of the coarse positioning of the mounting bar in it’s supports.