We believe that every business has a responsibility to take care of the environment.

It is economically beneficial for golf courses to protect water quality, reduce the consumption of resources and protect and nurture wildlife habitats.

Bernhard understand that environmental sustainability and turf health go hand in hand.

Our products support best environment practice, and our world-wide seminar programme underpins this with continued research and shared knowledge from within the industry as a whole.

Our system of sharpening will ensure that golf courses can benefit from a cleaner cut, minimising the damage to turf, and improving turf health, disease and drought resistance.

The First Step is Very Easy

The simple truth is – by sharpening mower blades more accurately and sharply, our grinders make cleaner and more frequent cutting possible, maintaining a healthier turf naturally.

When your greens and fairways are in peak condition, they require less water. The turf is healthier naturally, so reducing the need for chemical fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides, and when you have your cutting system tuned to perfection, you use less fuel.

Responsible Manufacturing

The grinders we build with such care and attention to detail, are designed and made to last a lifetime, and not cost the earth.

The second hand market for Bernhard products has always been strong.  (We know of several customers who are using 25 year old machines daily in their workshops.)

We take our responsibilities to comply with UK environmental and health and safety regulations very seriously.